Piano & Voice Lessons near Sanford Florida

Music Instruction Philosophy


I am so fortunate to do what I do — I love it!   I am able to help students in groups or one-on-one to, step-by-step, meet personal goals and become better musicians!  For younger students, discipline and study habits gained from this detailed learning can be applied to other academic areas.  There is much written about the benefits of music education for our spirit at any age (Play Music, Feed the Soul” article).  I “start” wherever a student IS, musically, and begin proven processes to gently develop natural abilities.  Students have varying degrees of innate talents which, when coupled with commitment, study habits, regular and consistent attendance, and a willingness to learn, will result in a broader understanding of music, improved skills and production.  Anyone who has marveled at a small child’s ability to so swiftly learn words and concepts, layering on and understanding as links are put together, will appreciate how, though it is not an over-night process but an accumulation of years of small goals met, higher proficiency levels of musicianship are achieved.

For my part, I have great patience, and my hope is that I instill confidence, surety and a love for what the student is doing, so they will want to share rather than fear or dread performing.  Most of all, I wish to convey the love for and beauty of music and the meaning it gives to our lives.  We can have the joy of honoring and playing works of great composers while we also have FUN!!  My job is to remain sensitive to the individuality of each student who is trusting me to lead them on to where their musical journey will go!

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