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“Julie Mascia helped my daughter realize her dream of being a good singer. I think it was grade 3 or 4 Kimberly went with a friend (Marissa Smith) to observe her recital. She fell in love, and immediately wanted to take classes with Julie and did so until she attended University. Mrs. Mascia encouraged Kimberly to learn piano and site read, all of which put her in good stead to graduate in music business. Kimberly is a very confident young lady, especially in front of a group, and I warrant that in part to her yearly recitals with Julie.” ~Marilyn Abbott

“Julie is a wonderful piano teacher! My daughter has learned so much from her and I am very happy with the progress she has made. My daughter enjoys going to her piano lesson!” ~Barb MacDonald



“I had played piano for about 9 years as a kid, but then stopped altogether for over 20 years before starting up again. With Julie’s help, I quickly picked up where I left off so many years ago and have quickly become a better piano player in such a short period of time.  Her enthusiasm for music is very inspiring which helps me keep going even with my busy work schedule.” ~Christa Hixon


I have had three rounds of piano lessons:  (1) as an elementary school girl in the 50s learning with a lovely nun who was technically correct but somewhat lacking in musicality, (2) as a college student in the 60s taking class piano with music majors, and (3) as an adult in the 80s working with a marvelous musician who was probably too serious for my needs.  I love working with Julie because she makes it inspirational and fun.  At my age, my fingers don’t work as well as they used to, so I doubt I’ll ever play technically the way I once did, but Julie inspires me to add more music to my music, something that is a bit foreign to me.  She helps me to find the themes, patterns, and feelings within the piece while I enjoy the process.  Not only is she a wonderful piano teacher for me, she has become a supportive friend, inside and outside of lessons.  I do indeed recommend her to others looking to start or continue their piano (and/or voice) experience.


Jan Holloway


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